Welcome to designerSKIN Studios - a boutique skincare and beauty studio with a vibrant island influence and a passion for clean, pure skincare. We are responsibly and lovingly redesigning your philosophy of self care and wellness, sans harsh chemicals, animal testing and gluten.  With today's laundry list of available cosmetics, it can get overwhelming quickly and questions often arise: "Why do I need 10 products in my routine?" or "Which bottle am I supposed to use first?" and "What the heck is that serum for again?" Don't worry - we'll keep it simple by consulting with you about your needs, goals, and available time in your daily routine. We promise to treat your skin with only the best, highest quality ingredients and products available on the market, and we promise that you will love them as much as we do. 
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Seattle's Premiere Gluten Free Facial Treatment 

This treatment is highlighted by antioxidant-rich cleansers and detoxing algae masks to counteract redness and sun damage, hydrating oil to improve the skin's natural moisture barrier and the most magical hydrating cream you've ever felt on your face. The Flourless Facial is 60 glorious minutes of skincare that you can finally enjoy without the worries of adverse skin reactions, or worse... detrimental health effects.

Ideal for: 
Celiac patients, Eczema, Dermatitis, Gluten Sensitively, Gluten Allergy, Rosacea, Psoriosis, Hormonal and Cystic Acne. 


   When you come in for your scheduled facial or body treatment, bring us your old skincare products and we'll clear some space in your medicine cabinet by donating all donated products to a local women's shelter. You'll receive 15% off of your new skincare purchase of all OSEA products to replace the bottles that you're parting with. It doesn't matter if they're full bottles, or nearly gone - If they're empty, we'll recycle the packaging. If they're full, they'll be donated to women in need and you'll go home with Organic, Vegan and Gluten-Free skincare products that pack a powerful punch, (and you can actually pronounce the ingredients).  

It's so much easier than getting rid of your shoe collection, and your skin will thank you for it!

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